Proof of Origin

The UK is fast becoming the country with the most trade deals. In many cases, import duty rate is reduced (perhaps nil) by virtue of the trade deal in place.

What type of proof is needed?

The origin of the goods decides the duty rate NOT the country that the goods were consigned from (they are often different). So, once you have established the origin and calculated the duty rate the last piece of the jigsaw remains - what proof of origin status is required?

The type of proof needed depends on the type of goods and their origin. You will normally require one from this list:-

  • Origin declaration (invoice declaration)
  • Certificate of origin
  • EUR1 or EUR-MED movement certificate
  • Generalised Scheme of Preferences form A
  • Importer's knowledge

Check the trade deal for the individual requirements. If importing from a GSP country you should check requirements HERE.

Be careful, GSP goods supplied from EU may have lost their GSP status en-route.  Guidance is HERE.


Origin Declaration

(Invoice Declaration)

If the trade deal allows for invoice declaration as proof of origin (most do!) then the following should be included on the invoice/declaration :-


Exporter’s name and business address


Date of direct shipment to the UK


Other references, for example purchase order number


Consignee’s name and business


Purchaser’s name and address (if not the consignee)


Country of origin of the goods


Transportation details


Terms of sale (incoterms)


Invoice currency


Number of packages


Description of goods/products


Quantity being shipped


Unit price / total item price


Net and gross weight


Invoice total


Along with a declaration as follows :-

I, being the exporter of the products covered by this document with EORI or REX number [insert number] declare that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of [insert country code] origin and satisfy the rules of origin governing preferential trade with [insert country/territory, ie EU].

Place and date of signature

Name and signature of the exporter

If the value is over €6,000 you would normally require a REX (Registered Exporter) number, other than that, the exporter's EORI number is normally sufficient.

Importer's Knowledge (not our preferred choice!)

Some agreements allow the importer to claim preference using evidence obtained about the origin of the goods.  This evidence must be in the importer’s possession, be in the form of supporting documents from the supplier* and provide sufficient evidence that the product qualifies as originating.   GSP preference does NOT have an importer's knowledge option, proof of origin must be either GSP form A or origin declaration provided by the GSP exporter.

For importer's knowledge you should hold supporting documents (from the supplier*) covering:

  • the commodity code
  • a brief description of the production process (including the origin of the goods used)
  • whether the goods origin is 'wholly obtained' or 'sufficiently processed'
  • if the origin was based on ‘sufficiently processed’ give one of the following  (1) the value of the product as well as the value of all the non-originating elements or (2) the weight of the product as well as the weight of the non-originating elements
  • a list of all the non-originating materials including their commodity code
  • whether the goods have been altered or transformed

*The supplier in this case is NOT the exporter, but the supplier of the goods to the exporter, which is why this proof method is not our preferred option.


Customs declaration

Before submitting the customs declaration, we must be satisfied that you hold the required evidence.

If intending to use IMPORTER'S KNOWLEDGE please complete the form so we can confidently code the declaration on your behalf:-

NOTE : We do NOT share your data with any third party other than customs if required to verify the entered origin of the products.

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