Click, click, clear using CABIE

It takes minutes to release a GB import with CABIE and, because we are approved to use aggregation, we can even reduce the number of declarations required after the event.

Frequently asked questions...

Q. Why CABIE, where did the name come from?

CABIE is an acronym for Customs and Borders Import Export.  But it is more than that!  We often liken our customs experience with 'the knowledge' more commonly associated with London black cabs.  Knowing the fastest and quickest route (no matter what the conditions) is what sets us apart.  You concentrate on the destination, let CABIE take care of the journey!

Q. Is it really just nine clicks?

Absolutely! For non-controlled GB imports the process is super simple and requires no customs knowledge on your part. CABIE asks a few qualifying questions, the invoice is uploaded and you are good to go. You can authorise your supplier, agent or logistics partner to upload documents on your behalf if you prefer.   To download the presentation pack (including screen walk-through) click HERE.

Q. Is £1 per pallet* really possible or just a gimmick?

Because CABIE detaches the customs import entry from the truck movement we can submit fewer declarations. We are authorised to aggregate to one declaration per 10 day period for regular and repetitive flows. So, yes, the charge of £1 per pallet is not unusual.   We can aggregate per day or per 10 day block, whatever suits your business best.

Q. Can my supplier or logistics provider complete CABIE on my behalf?

The short answer is YES.   The importer can create authorised users on their CABIE account and allow them to act on their behalf.  For example a CABIE registered importer will create a logon for their freight forwarder.  The freight mover will complete CABIE on behalf of the importer and EORI will take care of the final declaration based on the information received. 

Q. Do we need training?

There are self-serve customs software packages in the market today. CABIE is different - it is a fast-track portal supported by years of customs experience and the top tier approvals for frictionless border movements.   You do not need any customs knowledge (or training) to operate CABIE, just answer a few questions, upload your invoice(s) and leave us to do what we do best! 

Q. Is there a white label version?

CABIE has been built to support white labelling on a 'plug-and-play' basis.   We can brand CABIE in your name whilst still supporting the process fully in the background.   Even though your branding is used,  it will be our approvals and 24hour customs support that keeps things flowing smoothly.   To download the presentation pack for white label click HERE.

Q. Is there an API option?

Our focus has always been data.  We already have data exchange processes including API, XML and CSV and are at the forefront of data integration.  EORI were one of the first to use robotics in customs processing and still do today, mostly to bridge any destination API gaps, such as IPAFFS.

*price assumes a minimum number of pallets per shipment or per 10 day aggregation and excludes port charges and taxes if applicable

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CABIE Benefits


Save time & Stress

Just nine clicks and the shipment is released from the port! Faster at the frontier, less paperwork and less cost.


24hr Customs Expert Support

Fully supported 24/7 by our experienced Customs Specialist support team to ensure that things run smoothly.


Minimal Effort & Cost

Ship as frequently as you like without incurring full customs declaration charges each time.

You're In Good Company

“I am very happy with the support from EORI UK to our business. Not only with the day to day transactions but also regarding the level of support and expertise with new challenges facing us at present from Windsor and T.O.M.”
Shayne Leatham, Logistics Manager, Pilgrims Food Masters
“The overall concept of what EORI (UK) are trying to achieve in the Customs world and so far are successfully doing is fantastic! I would recommend their services to anyone considering EORI (UK), you won’t regret it!”
Joe Jeffery, Director, Zelir Logistics Ltd
“We have been from day one completely satisfied with EORI (UK) on every level and have recommended you more than once - great, pricing very fair, and it makes our importing much easier. . You are a brilliant company to work with!”
Christian Gimbett, The Good Food Network
“No problems whatsoever, EORI (UK) easily the most hands-off customs procedure I have to endure !!!”
Rob Platt, Purchasing Manager, Infusion Group