Fiscal representation

Exporting on DDP terms?

GB exports are often handled on a DDP (delivered duty paid) basis, but what does that mean in practical terms?

It means that the GB exporter is responsible for the documentation, duty and taxes at destination. It means that you (as a GB exporter) may need VAT registration in every EU country that you supply. You will need:-


VAT registration in each destination country


An EU EORI number linked to these VAT registrations


A fiscal representative or legal entity in each country


A customs agent prepared to work on an indirect basis


Transit documents for exports beyond the country of arrival


Are you ready for these challenges? (most are not!)


There is a better way. Let's get FISCAL!

Having a fiscal representative in France (for example) means you can offer DDP with minimal hassle.  How might that look?

  1. Good are shipped to France and cleared en-route
  2. No need for transit documents
  3. VAT is accounted for in France (no need to pay at importation)
  4. Onward supply to EU is nil VAT reverse charge (as pre EU exit)
  5. France is also nil VAT using domestic reverse charge

Too easy?  It is! You just need a good partner.  One you can trust to act on your behalf and manage your international VAT affairs.

We have teamed up with one of the best in the business and can...

  • Manage your EU VAT/EORI application and registration
  • Represent you in front of the tax authorities
  • Manage your import VAT and filings obligations for DDP
  • Offer guidance on postponed VAT accounting
  • Manage your monthly/quarterly returns
  • Provide a single point-of-contact
  • Provide a self-help online portal unique to you

We can offer full registration or regime 42 fiscal representation


Apply now!

Please answer all questions as accurately as possible.

Your details will be passed directly to our partner who will be in touch to arrange your EU VAT requirements.

Do not delay! Whilst the application is digital and slick the registration process is not instant.

Apply now!

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